• Konstantin Chaykin in the TV Program – The Personality Factor

    Konstantin Chaykin talks with The Personality Factor hosts Natalia Yerofeyevskaya and Alexei Bogdanov about his watches, his manufacture and the art of watchmaking in Russia today.


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  • Chaykin interview

    For several centuries, timekeeping devices have been with people wherever they went. They have witnessed great achievements and terrible tragedies. With their silent assistance, scientific discoveries have been made, hitherto unexplored corners of our planet studied and outer space explored. They reflect all of humanity's latest achievements.

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  • Levitas presentation

    Mankind has ever dreamed of flying, of levitation. In all times, in all countries, people dream about flying. We all yearn to be lighter, even weightless, unburdened. We all want to be free. The desire to fly has pushed the daring to feats of bravery, and artists to create beautiful and haunting masterpieces, reflecting the moonlight of dreams.

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