Brand Philosophy


Russian artists. Russian scientists. Russian watchmakers. Yes, Russia has great watchmakers – along with great astronauts, authors, musicians, dancers, and mathematicians. Today Russian horological masterpieces stand out among Swiss, German and Japanese watches and clocks.


Russia. When we think of Russia, we think of amazing natural resources and vast landscapes. We think of great artists and great achievements – Faberge, Tolstoy, Chekov, Solzhenitsyn, Tchaikovsky, The Swan Lake, the first man in space, great tennis players – the list is endless.

And great people are still born in Russia today - – sportsmen, musicians, scientists and…watchmakers. Russian watches reflect centuries of distilled poetry and artistic endeavor, centuries of mastering a vast continent and vast landscapes of the mind.

Each Konstantin Chaykin collection tells its own story, it is a new world, a world designed to merge and interplay with the owner to create a unique universe.

We create pieces for free-thinking individualists – people unburdened by stereotypes or prejudices. We give you, the trailblazer, the innovator, the risk taker a watch to match your lifestyle, your mindset. Konstantin Chaykin watches embody audacity, courage and distinction because you are audacious, courageous and distinctive.

We take pride in creating innovative designs based on classic Russian artistic traditions, Russian achievements. Each watch is unique; each watch challenges the canons of watch making.
Today at Konstantin Chaykin we are building the history of tomorrow horology.

Who wears a Konstantin Chaykin watch? You – the individualist who dares to take risks, dares to be different and appreciates the finest movements encased in astonishing designs.

When you see a Konstantin Chaykin watch on someone– you know that the person is a soul mate. A soul mate who is ready to join you in reaching for the stars, in climbing the highest mountains…in leading an exceptional life.

Konstantin Chaykin - exceptional watches, for exceptional people.