Konstantin Chaykin
  • Konstantin Chaykin
  • For several centuries, timekeeping devices have been with people wherever they went. They have witnessed great achievements and terrible tragedies. With their silent assistance, scientific discoveries have been made, hitherto unexplored corners of our planet studied and outer space explored. They reflect all of humanity's latest achievements. Over time, watches and clocks have become so important to mankind that watchmakers no longer confine themselves to the creation of simple and ordinary models. Increasingly complex designs now leave the hands of passionate watchmakers, with the surfaces of the miniature parts of their movements decorated and their cases embodying the creative ideas that inspired them. High watchmaking has not only changed the face of timepieces, but also their purpose by enabling them to speak in a language of artistic images.

    Haute horlogerie has the power to enchant anyone who comes close enough to peer into its fascinating world. We did not want to merely present a list of the Manufacture's collections on the pages of our catalogue. Instead, we wanted to share the inner secrets about how these timepieces were made, revealing the nature and soul of each model and telling its story in the process. This is no simple task, for our clocks were created in Russia and have thus inherited the complex and mysterious Russian soul from their makers. Welcome to the pages of a story about watchmaking in modern-day Russia and Russian time…

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